Flooding workstream 4 – Land use planning

The purpose of this workstream is to quantify the issue of flooding and land use planning and to assess attitudes in the sector towards the consenting of new development on land identified as flood plain. This workstream will also examine the need for monitoring of consents data and recommend a way forward on this issue.

The key engagement messages for this workstream are outlined in 4 questions:

  • How much development has historically taken place in the floodplain?
  • Does development in flood risk areas place an additional burden on the public purse?
  • How can we better monitor the consenting of development in flood risk areas?
  • What are public attitudes toward development in flood risk areas?

JBA Consulting are undertaking this work on behalf of the Commission. If you would like to know more about this, please contact Faye Tomalin at Faye.Tomalin@jbaconsulting.com