Register of engagement at events and with media

23/11OnlineGlobal Infrastructure HubAttendee
17/11OnlineCross-party group on renewable energyAttendee
15/11OnlineNational Infrastructure CommissionDelegate
28/10OnlineWelsh Governmentlaunch of Net Zero Wales

Register of meetings

20/12OnlineFlood and Coastal Erosion Committee
15/12Presentation to CommissionAssociation for Consultancy and engineering
15/12Presentation to CommissionYouth Climate Ambassadors for Wales
8/12OnlineWelsh Infrastructure Alliance
2/12OnlineWelsh Government
2/12OnlineNatural Resources Wales
1/12OnlineFederation of Small Businesses
23/11OnlineLocal Partnerships
17/11OnlineTransport for Wales
17/11Presentation to CommissionConstruction Industry Training Board
17/11Presentation to CommissionColeg Llandrillo Menau
16/11OnlineCompetition and Markets Authority
16/11OnlineConsumer Council for Water
2/11OnlineManufacturing Technology Centre
18/10OnlineConstructing Excellence Wales
14/10In personHydrogen Cymru
14/10Presentation to CommissionInstitute of Welsh Affairs
14/10Presentation to CommissionRenewableUK Cymru
13/10OnlineNew Zealand Infrastructure Commission
12/10OnlineFuture Generations Office
11/10OnlineChildren’s Commissioner for Wales
06/10OnlineOffice of the Secretary of State for Wales
04/10OnlineTransport for Wales
04/10OnlineFuture Generations Office
29/09In personMinisterial Advisory Panel for Northern Ireland
29/09OnlineWelsh Government
29/09OnlineConsumer Council for Water
28/09OnlineRoads Review Panel
28/09OnlineWelsh Government
22/09OnlineGlobal infrastructure hub
20/09OnlineWelsh Government