Flooding workstream 1 – 2050 Vision

The purpose of this workstream is to work with stakeholders, politicians and the public on developing a Vision for Wales in 2050 where homes, businesses and infrastructure are more resilient and adaptive to impacts from flooding and sea level rise. This vision will be supported by an action plan setting out clear actions / recommendations for organisations in order to achieve it and an educational resource to improve understanding of current and future challenges, along with what is needed to build local resilience and bring about change in the future.

The key engagement messages for this workstream are:

  • Provide a shared Vision for Wales 2050 and beyond, where adaptive communities are resilient to impacts from flooding and sea level rise.
  • Build on the understanding of flood risk, within the context of Wales, and climate change, given the increased impacts that we are going to see.
  • An action plan, that enables collective action across communities and organisations, to take steps towards resilience to flood events and associated climate risks, and enhance their ability to recover more quickly.
  • Assert collective responsibility to lessen the impacts of flood events, and work together towards adapting to a new norm.

Arup are undertaking this work on behalf of the Commission. If you would like to know more about this, please contact Rose Jenkinson at Rosemary.Jenkinson@arup.com