Meeting notes 19 December 2023

Bute Parc Education Centre, Cardiff



David Clubb, Chair
Jenifer Baxter, Deputy Chair
Eurgain Powell, Commissioner
Eluned Parrott, Commissioner
Steve Brooks, Commissioner
Nick Tune, Commissioner


Stuart Ingram, NICW Secretariat
Nicola Britton, NICW Secretariat


Helen Armstrong, Commissioner
Aleena Khan, Commissioner

Welcome and declarations of interest

The Chair welcomed commissioners to the meeting with a check-in, celebration of success, declarations and invitations. No new declarations of interest were noted:

  • Eurgain Powell Will review her register of interest entry and advise of any updates.
  • Jenifer Baxter confirmed she will attend the MPA Wales march seminar.


The action tracker was noted and updated.

Commissioner updates

David Clubb has written to the Chief Executive of Trydan Gwyrdd Cymru requesting a meeting.

Consultation responses/ policy updates

Jenifer Baxter will look at the Just Transition Framework consultation and highlight any relevance to NICW.

Future work programme updates

Renewable Energy Report

No additional updates; we anticipate a Welsh Government response in January 2024

Year 2 Flood Research Procurement

Eurgain Powell updated the group on progress noting the delivery of workshops and the PAG meeting held on 18 December. Feedback on the workshops design and content was discussed. A wider conversation will be relevant once all interim reports are received from consultants.

Year 3 Development of approach to existential risk.

Steve Brooks updated on the meeting with Cynnal Cymru. It was noted 12 responses to the call for evidence had been received. Commissioners discussed ideas for further engagement such as the use of personas in workshop settings and the developments of a vision for Wales.

Annual report

The 2022/23 Annual Report is to be published on 20 December. The chair asked members to circulate via their own networks.

Impacts spreadsheet

Commissioners noted the log prepared by the secretariat. Commissioners agreed the focus should be on any formal recommendations and annual and end of term reviews including a lessons learnt aspect would be a useful exercise. The role of capturing this type of information was seen as particularly relevant to an end of term report (2025)

Future projects

Ideas for ‘mini projects’ were discussed. A visual project on the future for Wales and a study into mapping current declining infrastructure were discussed in detail.

Possible future partners to work with such as the Design Commission for Wales, the Royal Town Planning Institute and the Institute for Wales Affairs were noted.

Commissioners decided that several Wales-based organisations might be interested in supporting a mapping project. And The Deputy Chair agreed to provide further information on a project capturing information and highlighting the cost associated with a declining infrastructure.