Meeting notes 24 January 2023

Meeting took place at the Bute Park education centre



David Clubb, Chair 
Jenifer Baxter, Deputy Chair
Eurgain Powell, Commissioner
Nick Tune, Commissioner
Stephen Brooks, Commissioner
Helen Armstrong, Commissioner

For agenda item 2 only

Nigel Pugh, Woodland Trust


Aleena Khan, Commissioner
Eluned Parrott, Commissioner
Stuart Ingram, NICW

Welcome and declarations of interest

  1. The Chair welcomed commissioners to the meeting. 

Increasing biodiversity in urban areas

  1. Nigel Pugh spoke to the Commission about his work on mature and ancient woodlands and their vital importance to functioning eco systems, providing complexity and interconnectivity to urban areas. He highlighted a recent project in Scotland assessing planning applications against the Ancient Woodland Inventory finding 93% approval rate for applications where there was conflict between the proposal and ancient woodlands. A similar project in Wales is planned.He discussed aspects of the Active Travel agenda which could come into conflict with protecting woodlands, and how travel maps should prioritise existing travel routes to ameliorate this. He also discussed the role of green infrastructure as part of new (housing) developments leading to a discussion on tensions between land use and housing supply and conservation. Nigel shared details of recommendations Coed Cadw are developing to inform planning guidance.


Nigel Pugh to email copy of Coed Cadw’s planning guidance campaign to secretariat

NICW business

  1. Meeting notes and actions from previous meeting were noted and accepted
  2. Project updates
    It was noted the first draft of the Net Zero Strategy Research by ARUP had been received and would be circulated to the rest of the commission and to the project advisory group. The scenarios work and the mid wales study were noted as being on track.

    For the flood scoping work an inception report has been received and discussions are ongoing to refine the questions. The first project advisory group (PAG) has taken place. Commissioners discussed how the scoping study would inform the 2023 flood resilience project which led to a discussion about timescales. Commissioners advised the procurement tender process should be in place by May 2023. The chair suggested using the tender documents prepared for the renewables projects as a model. Commissioners also discussed extending the flood PAG and creating subgroups, especially to manage wider community stakeholder engagement.

    Existential risk
    Early work on the 2024 existential risk project has begun and commissioners identified the importance of using the 90% probability levels. The importance of language use and definitions of terms was noted as important to this work.

  3. Consultation Responses
    The following commissioners agreed to lead on upcoming consultation responses:

    TAN 15: Eurgain Powell to consider a response;

    Transition to Net Zero: Helen Armstrong, Steve Brooks,

    Wider thought piece on transport: Jenifer Baxter.

  4. Forthcoming meetings Work is continuing with the joint water event, scheduled for 31 March with a save the date email being sent to stakeholders. Two joint events with the RTPI are taking shape with events planned in mid-March in North Wales and Early April in south Wales.

  5. The next NICW meeting will take place on 28 February 2023 in Machynlleth