Question to the Minister about the NICW renewable energy report, 29 Nov 2023
Nick Tune, a man with white and grey hair, standing in front of a house.
BBC News article about the NICW renewable energy report, 17 Oct 2023
Evidence to the Senedd Committee on the Infrastructure Bill, 20 Sept 2023
Senedd debate on the NICW annual report, 10 May 2023
Lee Waters standing in front of an abstract background and a potted plant
Lee Waters’ contribution to the NICW/CCW/DCfW water event, 31 March 2023
Screenshot of an event information page for a Bilbao conference, showing a number of speakers including Mark Drakeford and David Clubb
David Clubb presents at an Urban Bilbao seminar, 30 March 2023
Eurgain Powell is interviewed about flooding, 6 March 2023
Screen grab of a video depicting the NICW trip to mid Wales.
Music courtesy of Alexander Nacarada
Fact-finding trip to mid Wales, 1 March 2023.
Politics Wales interview on roads, 12 February 2023
Introducing the Commissioners
Scrutiny of Chair and Deputy Chair by Senedd Committee, 7 December 2022
Annual report launch event, 22 November 2022
NICW promotional video, 22 November 2022
Our fact-finding trip to north Wales on 19 October 2022