Meeting notes 23 January 2023

Bute Parc Education Centre, Cardiff



David Clubb, Chair
Jenifer Baxter, Deputy Chair
Helen Armstrong, Commissioner
Aleena Khan, Commissioner
Eurgain Powell, Commissioner
Eluned Parrott, Commissioner
Nick Tune, Commissioner


Stuart Ingram, NICW Secretariat
Nicola Britton, NICW Secretariat


Steve Brooks, Commissioner

Welcome and declarations of interest

The Chair welcomed commissioners to the meeting with a check-in, celebration of success, declarations and invitations. No new declarations of interest were noted:

  • The Chair declared he is now part of an NHS framework contract for procuring expert speakers. Protocols for updating declarations of interests were discussed, the NICW website is to be prioritised, as it can be updated immediately.
  • Aleena Khan noted she was attending a webinar today on the LUGG Review (A new approach to road maintenance in Wales, the Lugg Review (


The action tracker was noted and updated.

Commissioner updates

Commissioners discussed priorities for an upcoming visit to mid wales. Rural transport/connectivity and economic issues were highlighted

Action: Topics and contacts details to be submitted to secretariat (all)

Consultation responses/ policy updates

The Just Transition Framework consultation was discussed and it was suggested a comparison with the Scottish Just Transition be undertaken. The deputy chair agreed to relook at the welsh framework in that context.

Future work programme updates

Renewable Energy Report

It was noted a formal response had still not been received from the Welsh Government.

Year 2 Flood Research Procurement

Eurgain Powell updated the group on progress noting an upcoming workshop (9 Feb) with all 4 projects and NICW members to discuss emerging findings.

Year 3 Development of approach to existential risk.

The scoping project with Cynnal Cymru is progressing and Steve and Helen plan to update in more detail at the February meeting.


The Chair updated members on discussion with the Director for Climate Change Energy and Planning, noting running costs for NICW for 2024/25 were confirmed, but discretionary spend for projects would be allocated on a case-by-case basis. A further meeting was planned for 30 January.

It was suggested a strong proposal for year 3 projects was required as early as possible to underpin the case for discretionary funding.

The secretariat confirmed a review of NICW would be undertaken in 2024, There will be opportunity for members to influence the focus and scope of a review which would consider governance and value for money.

Action: to consider scope of NICW evaluation (Chair)

Future projects

The Chair updated members on the project with the IWA commissioning essays about long term infrastructure.

A Future Map of Wales was discussed as having potential, however constraints such as complexity and potential for spiralling costs were identified. The potential for a scoping study were discussed as more feasible.

Action: Develop ideas for a map project: Chair and Nick Tune

General discussion

Commissioners discussed the recent announcement about the steel works in Port Talbot. Tension between the net zero agenda and social justice were highlighted, along with the relevance to the work of NICW. The Deputy Chair will draft a discussion piece about Tata Steel bringing in long term, fair transitions.

Action: draft and share discussion post about Tata Steel; deputy Chair


Commissioners discussed their terms of appointment, with the chair noting his terms formally ends in November 2024, and commissions in summer 2025. The Chair will be in touch with Commissioners about whether they wish to extend with a view to writing to the Minister on the matter.